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Facts for Travellers

tfThe tourists are requested to wear normal kind of clothing here i.e. it is advisable for the ladies not to wear deep-necked shirts or very short skirts especially in the religious monuments (Imambaras, Mosques, Temples) and the oldest bazaar of Lucknow known as Chowk bazaar. Modern Bazar Hazratganj is apt for any kind of clothing. People may stare at you at times but their intention is not to disturb you or anything else. This may be because the localities are not used to the tourism culture and they don’t see foreigners quite often in Lucknow .


Take care whenever you cross the road . Look at both sides of the road and then cross the road. Try to be with the group or with your guide while crossing the road. Try to keep to your left always while strolling in any of the markets in Lucknow . Since Chowk bazaar is very narrow and busy, so don’t stand in the mid of the passage for photography , it may cause problem for the other people and their may be a traffic jam. Although there are very few beggars and touts in Lucknow , if you happen to see them in any of the monument, bazaar or railway station, please don’t encourage them by giving money or any other gifts. It may create problem for you as there will be many more to approach you for the same favour. Whenever you start the city tour you should be equipped with the monument socks and if possible small torches etc.


La Martienere building is a private school now, so no one is allowed to have a look of the rooms, library or the tomb of Claude Martin from inside. If the school is on you are requested to maintain silence and not to disturb the students while studying . It is also advisable not to stand outside the classrooms for long as it distracts the students – and a teacher may object to your visit during school hours. You may take the photographs of the building from outside only. There is no charge for photography in this monument. In Dilkusha Palace you are allowed to take photographs without any charges.


In the Lucknow Residency , the fee for the movie camera is INR 25 per person . Still camera is allowed without any charge. There is a War Memorial Museum in the Residency ( closed on Mondays and public holidays, timings: 1030 hrs to 1630 hrs ) where any kind of photography is strictly prohibited . You have to keep your cameras and bags in the locker just outside the Museum building and you may keep the keys with you until you return from the museum (only ladies’ purse that too very small in size are allowed to take along in the museum).


Toilets in monuments. In Lucknow one can find toilet only in Residency, Asafi Imambara and Hussainabad Imambara. You should be mentally prepared that the toilets may not be very clean at these places. In case of emergency you may ask your guide and he’ll take you to the nearest hotel for the toilet. Avoid hugging or kissing your female partner . Ladies are requested not to wear deep necked dresses or any kind of dress that may harm the religious and cultural sentiments of the people.


In Asfi Imambara you may take photographs (still and movie both) but in the labyrnth movie cameras are not allowed (still photography is allowed) and moreover, you are not allowed to take bags along with you (ladies purse is allowed and that too small in size). You may deposit your bags and movie cameras before going up to the lybranth at a nominal price at the counter there. But it is advisable to keep your bags or belongings in the coach / car before entering the Asafi Imambara Complex. One has to take off the shoes before entering the Imambara. There are 84 steep steps to go at the top of the Imambara. The corridors are dark and some steps are missing too in the labyrinth, so it is advisable to take small torches along. You should stay with your guide in the labyrinth, as there are 489 identical doorways inside and extremely difficult to come out without your guide’s help. In Picture Gallery photography is not allowed . There are around 30 steps to reach the gallery. In Hussainabad Imambara you are allowed to take the photographs.


Jama Masjid is not opened for the non-muslims. You will be seeing this monument from outside. For photography please ask your guide he will seek permission on your behalf (as this building is under a muslim trust and their rules keep changing). Chattar Manzil, Governor House (Kothi Hyaat Baksh), Council House are the buildings that you can see only from outside as these buildings have the government offices. Photography is strictly prohibited . Saadat Ali Khan and Mursheedzadi’s Tombs where you may take photographs from outside only . Once you enter inside the building you are not allowed to take the photographs. Though these monuments are not open for public.