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Sagar International


Sagar International

Located Near Krishi Bhawan, the hotel provides a comfortable stay and a true business environment. Vivacious, fun loving, restless, innovative and creative- that’s what a typical Sagar is. Dualism is the way of life for Sagar International also reflects this dualism-value for money with luxury, a reflection of contemporary elegance amidst the traditional hospitality and service making it every businessperson’s first choice.


At Sagar International, hospitality has been refined to a fine art. In their quest to provide customer satisfaction, the hotel has upgraded its services and facilities and at the same time collects feedback from their myriad guests through in-depth questionnaires, striving to be modern and contemporary, yet always sensitive to guests’ needs, to make them feel at home.


At Grand Princess, we introduce exotic Chinese, Italian and Sizzlers from the Continent in addition to Mughlai. There’s something to suit every palate at Grand Princess. Apart from this, Grand Princess is luck now’s best Wine and Dine Option.