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Shaheed Smarak

SHAHEEDSMARAKPicturesque Shaheed Smarak is situated on the bank of River Gomti in Lucknow. It was Shaheed Smarak, Lucknow, Indiaconstructed by LDA to mark the first centenary of India’s first war of freedom in 1857. It is a place to recall the memory of those brave unknown warriors who laid down their precious lives during the freedom struggle in 1857.


Shaheed Smarak in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, is constructed to mark the memories of unknown soldiers of India . Years back, they sacrificed their life for our today. This Smarak has been created just to remember them. Here cool air coming across river Gomti salutes the unknown martyrs.Green surroundings of the Smarak and the river Gomti make this place attractive and worth visiting. Another Smarak is also under construction dedicated to Shaheed Bhagat Singh and others. It is expected to be ready soon

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